Restore and Repair

Do you have gaps in your flashing? Cracks in your chimney or foundation? Water seeping inside from an undetermined leak?


For whatever reason, buildings fail. Damages and failure can be the result of shortsighted, inadequate building techniques or the lack of understanding about various risks. Foundations fail. Roof coverings leak prematurely. Water invades crawl spaces. Heat increasingly seeps out of your home.


Soundhouse can determine the source of your problem and make repairs that will stand the test of time.


There is no question that island living is hard on our homes. Rain, humidity, wind, fog, strong sunlight and seismic tremors all take their toll on our structures. Not every builder can anticipate issues that might arise and is willing to take steps to prevent problems from occurring.


This is what sets Richard Russell and Soundhouse apart.


Historic Preservation


Soundhouse can assist you in preserving your structure’s original form through careful maintenance and repair, salvaging its cultural significance to the community. We are an excellent resource for historic preservation of masonry, stone, terracotta and ornamental ironwork.


Waterproofing and Protection


Extending the life of your structure is paramount. Our waterproofing and protection services will add years of service to your home or commercial building. Services include application of penetrating sealers to brick, stone and concrete surfaces, and deck coatings for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


Masonry Restoration and Repair


Soundhouse offers a wide range of masonry restoration services including tuckpointing, control joint repair, brick matching and replacement, mortar color matching, caulking, stone consolidation using various and appropriate products, lintel removal and replacement, parapet repairs, flashing repairs, chimney repairs, and brick and stone cleaning.


Concrete and Structural Repair


Soundhouse performs concrete and structural repair projects for residential and commercial buildings. We excel in the innovative use of gunite, shotcrete and other forms of concrete.


Facade Repair / Building Envelope Repair


Building envelope repair, also known as façade repair, refers to the repair and maintenance of a building's exterior structure for either aesthetic or structural purposes. Our envelope/façade repair specialists have more than 35 years of experience with countless projects to their credit.


Inspection Service / Assistance


As a full service restoration/repair contractor, we are uniquely qualified to recommend maintenance services for the building structure and envelope, providing inspection and maintenance programs to property owners.


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Learn more about how Soundhouse can help you restore and repair your island home or commercial structure, made to last with sound construction and superior craftsmanship. Please call 360.376.3333 or send an email to rrussell@soundhousellc.com.