Maybe you want to remove a wall to open the floorplan or provide access to a beautiful view. Perhaps you want to enlarge your kitchen, add a room or reconfigure an entry.


At Soundhouse, your home addition or remodeling project receives the same high level of care and attention to detail that we afford to custom and premium new residences. As a matter of fact, because of the breadth and depth of our experience with complex projects, we have come to specialize in remodeling.


Simply put, we value your remodeling project and are committed to providing sound construction, superior craftsmanship and a home built to a higher standard of excellence.

This Old House

One of Richard Russell’s most viewed remodels is this bungalow in Santa Barbara, CA. In 1988, he was asked to serve as general contractor for the bungalow project on the WGBH award winning television show “This Old House.†This photo shows the front of the house before construction.



Whether you are a new homeowner on the islands looking to modify an existing home or a long-time resident seeking to improve your property, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you and assist with the entire design and construction process.


You may bring your plans to us, or we can design your remodeling project using our in-house team. Remember, our goal at Soundhouse is to provide the finest designs, workmanship, cost control and construction management to make your building experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. At the same time, we take the long view to ensure your home is made to last, year after year.



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Learn more about how Soundhouse can help you remodel and improve your island home, made to last with sound construction and superior craftsmanship. Please call 360.376.3333 or send an email to rrussell@soundhousellc.com.