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The Small Business Administration reports that 95 percent of all new construction contractors will be out of business within their first five years.


When construction disputes arise between clients and contractors, or between contractors and contractors, Soundhouse’s Building Consultants Group offers a mediation service to help get your project back on balance and moving forward, or to help with closure in ending a contract.


We may be able to resolve or facilitate the resolution of obstacles in your building process, or we may be able to refer you to the appropriate person who can help.


Mediation-Arbitration, Soundhouse Construction

Court-Certified Designated Construction Expert


Richard Russell, principal of the Building Consultants Group, knows building regulations and materials inside and out.


As a court certified designated construction expert for 28 years, serving in hundreds of cases, he has worked as an experienced construction mediator and arbitrator for 20 years. All of Richard Russell’s construction credentials are grounded in his extensive experience and competency as a carpenter and contractor.


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Learn more, or if you are involved in a dispute that needs immediate attention, please call Richard Russell at the Building Consultant’s Group, 360-376-3333, or send an email to rrussell@soundhousellc.com.