Whether you're just embarking on a new project or looking to bring closure to a contract, consulting with Richard Russell through the Building Consultants Group can be a strategic investment with great rewards for both your project and your budget.


With more than 30 years in the field of construction services, Richard Russell is the most knowledgeable and thorough building consultant in San Juan County.


Pre-Construction Consulting


For most people, building or remodeling a home is a once-in-a-lifetime venture. Considering all of the care, time and investment you plan to expend, it pays to make certain that your new or remodeled home will turn out the way you envision it — livable, safe and built to last. Equally important, you want to be sure that the choices you make, every step of the way, are suited to your personality and your preferences. Especially before you begin, it can be crucial to sit down with an experienced specialist in construction-related consulting.


The best time for important questions is long before the work begins. For example, do you prefer sun or shade? Does your taste run toward a Victorian? If so, best not to build it in a forest or the maintenance will be costly and time-consuming. What are the best characteristics to look for in the perfect lot? What are the most commonly overlooked line items in a construction budget?


Richard Russell uses his problem-solving experience to help guide clients toward the best choices for their particular situation. For Richard, consulting with homeowners is about more than just efficient planning, careful budgeting and safeguarding durability. Pre-construction consulting is geared towards helping homeowners' dreams become reality, one step at a time.


Post-Construction Consulting


After 30 years of spearheading successful projects and with dozens of satisfied customers, Soundhouse knows how to deliver peace of mind. For our clients, this means that we will not only stand by them during construction, we will also continue to support them during follow-up.


Richard Russell

In the unlikely event that a Soundhouse client should experience a problem with their newly completed project, we remain committed to bringing the issue to a successful resolution.


“I build for my own conscience,” says Richard Russell of Soundhouse. “In any project, there are dozens of times when a builder could choose to quietly cut corners, each one subtly reducing the quality of the resulting home. We never shortchange quality.” At Soundhouse, we have the experience, equipment, and the personnel to back up our philosophy and ensure our clients’ confidence.


The Building Consultatnts Group also offers post-construction consulting on projects performed by other builders or self-built by homeowners.


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Learn more about the pre- and post-construction consulting services offered by Richard Russell, Soundhouse and the Building Consultants Group. Please call 360.376.3333 or send an email to rrussell@soundhousellc.com.